Pure mania

This is one of my favorite albums. “Pure Mania” also runs in my family.

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Listen loud

My father’s flying in on a one-way ticket from out of state. He’s going to stay with his sister for a few days, but my wife says no, he can’t stay with us. She’s right. It would not be safe for our children. Pop doesn’t like children.

He’s in his usual delusional manic state. I’m in one of my rare uplifted hypomanic states (feeling human again and capable of human interaction).

Three days ago I blew out my car stereo speakers blasting Mastodon. In a real way, that episode assaulted my ears and vandalized my property.

Are episodes people? Can they be arrested, convicted, and imprisoned? I would like to think so. They have their own personalities, but I am not my episodes and my episodes are not me! Someday I will make them relinquish control.

Back to the blown speakers. I had been going through an episode where I simply had to feel the music pumping my heart. The only way to protect my hearing was — I kid you not — to put in earplugs. I had no interest in turning the volume knob counterclockwise. Now I’ve got to buy new speakers.

Have you ever done anything like that? If so, please comment below.

My hypomanic episode has switched to a positive vibration.To my surprise, I can listen loud. As a result, I’m grateful for what this episode’s done for me.

To be grateful for one of my episodes is a rare occurrence.

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Everybody’s got a pillbox

Show us yours!


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Ceci n’est pas Malevich

016_Poster_Ceci n'est pas Malevich

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It’s gonna be alright

Need  a lift?

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I wanna be sedated

Psychiatric nurse practitioner added olanzapine to my medication cocktail last week. I hadn’t been on lithium very long. We were still in the process of titrating that dose up.

However! I continued to have severe insomnia, and she thought an anti-psychotic with a sedative effect would help my bipolar disorder. Because science.

She was so right. For one thing it works. I’ve had two straight days of feeling and acting human. For another, I’ve always wanted to be sedated. Ya’ know?


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Noise exposure

My therapist says that I should keep a gratitude list in order to keep suicidal thoughts at bay. Here’s something for my serendipity list:

Business takes me to Detroit from May 15-17 … and Mastodon is playing Detroit Rock City on May 16!

As you might have guessed, Mastodon’s got a new album out. My favorite teaser:

Here’s the first track. Crank it, but within OSHA’s noise exposure PEL, please.

Emperor of Sand is as good as or better than Leviathan.

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