Mastodon rocks

I saw Mastodon in Royal Oaks (suburb of  Detroit) Michigan yesterday. They were great. The part that bothered me is that I haven’t been in a mosh pit for 20+  years and accidentally kneed some poor idiot in the groin while pushing him back.

That skunk smell was there. I was aware of it, and wanted to get a contact high. Sad but true. There was a time that I wanted to lose my mind and never get it back.

The opening bands (which will remain unnamed, because I sort of like them) were pretty lame. As a result there was a lot of non-plussed standing around waiting for the main act.

At least Brett Hinds joined Band X  on lead guitar for their opening number.

I might as well spill the beans. Band X was onstage in Nice, France when ninety-something people were shot in cold blood in that terrorist attack.  I was glad to see Brett support  them, and to know that Mastodon is supporting them as part of this tour. But they’re not really my thing. I get the joke, but I don’t care for it.

OK, I’m going to go listen to Emperor  of Sand, and get my daily cathartic dose of metal. It doesn’t fit with my Orthodox Christian religion, but who gives an [expitive deleted]. I like  it, and it keeps me … if not sane, saner.

P.S. OMG that drummer in Band X. He’s no Brann Dailor. Kick drum on every frickin’ downbeat, no interesting fills at all, at all. I was so glad to finally see Mastodon. Brann came forward after the show and worked the crowd by talking to us. Very cool of him, and it also gave him a chance to be seen after being heard from behind a drumkit..


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